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Medicines in Europe:
Appeal to EU Ministers: don't forget the fundamentals!
The working party preparing the decisive meeting of the Council of Ministers on 2-3 June 2003 is meeting regularly and productively, but several key matters concerning public health have not yet been taken into account.
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Medicines in Europe: campaigning goes on!
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The Medicines in Europe Forum recalls the areas in which the European draft Regulation on human medicines must be improved.

Centralised marketing authorisation procedure: a minimum guarantee of transparency
An incompressible 90-day period for scientific evaluation: a minimum guarantee of safety
The notion of "added therapeutic value": a key element of transparency
Five-year re-evaluation of marketing authorisation: not a simple formality
Duration of data protection: precisely worded texts to limit abuses
Direct adverse event reporting by patients: medicines agencies must listen
Functioning of the Agency: transparency and document access are no longer optional extras
Composition of the marketing authorisation Committee: scientific evaluation must not be overlooked
Composition of the management board: civil society must be represented
Funding the European Medicines Evaluation Agency: guaranteeing a minimum of independence
Compassionate use: adopt the necessary means

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