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Medicines in Europe Forum: key points

The European legislative framework determines the level of guarantees offered to EU citizens on marketing authorisation, risk management, and information on medicines.

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Europe is not just some faraway concept: it's the place where our society's most important choices are made, by the deputies we have elected, and by the ministers of the EU Member states.

Regulations are being developed right now: behind each new measure are hidden important social issues, which should not be left up to special interests alone.

Medicines in Europe
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Patient information (March 2009)
Legal proposals on "information" to patients by pharmaceutical companies: a threat to public health
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Pharmacovigilance (October 2009)
The European Commission's proposals endanger the population
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Selected positions and statements from the Medicines in Europe Forum, 2005 - present
Healthcare professionals and patients alike have a stake in ensuring that the European regulations currently being crafted not be left in the hands of special interests alone.
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Medicines in Europe: the different steps of the campaign (2002-2004)
The sustained, two-year effort by European citizens, first and foremost among them La Revue Prescrire, its subscribers and its parent organisation the Association Mieux Prescrire, as well as the other members of the Medicines in Europe Forum, led to major progress in the European medicines regulations published on 30 April 2004.
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