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Medicines in Europe:
Getting ready for EU Parliament second reading
The Medicines in Europe Forum intends to convince the Parliament, by next autumn, to defend these amendments that the Council did not take on board.
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The Council of health ministers met on 3 June 2003 and also endorsed a series of amendments aimed at guaranteeing patients' interests. However, other important amendments, most of which were actively opposed by the European Commission (Enterprise Directorate-General), were not endorsed by the Council of ministers; others were left to one side, either for lack of time, or because they were considered "unimportant details".

Points that remain to be defended at the second reading

The second reading is the last opportunity to explain why some points are crucial, not only for patients and health care professionals, but also for EU member states' medicines policies and for the long-term health of the European pharmaceutical industry. This second reading must not be allowed to degenerate into a bartering session on measures aimed at preserving the short-term interests of the pharmaceutical industry. The EU Parliament and Council must endorse a sound legislative and regulatory framework, promoting the long-term interests of all the different parties, and allowing all EU citizens to rationally use the true therapeutic advances, in a well-informed and responsible manner.
To help EU members of Parliament and ministers understand the stakes involved, the Medicines in Europe Forum lists the points that remain to be re-examined, and proposes one or several amendments for each, along with their justification.

Points already agreed on

A series of points defended by the Medicines in Europe Forum, including some major points, have been voted by Parliament and endorsed by the Council of health ministers. These points can be considered secured.

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